ONLINE COURSE “E-file Pedicure with Staleks PODOdiscs”

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My name is Katerina and I created this course for you because I wanted to share with you my 12 years experience and this NEW technique, that can make your pedicure service incomparable.

This course is for you if you:

✅want to perform an outstanding pedicure service

✅want to stand out and be better than competitors

✅work quickly and efficiently

✅want the cuticle to be cleaner

✅polishing coat to be more perfect and super close to the cuticle

✅get tired less from manual pedicures

raise your prices

✅fill up your schedule with new clients


This course was created for both experienced and inexperienced nail professionals. The in-depth and detailed information provided in this course will help you understand the principles of an e-file pedicure and equip you with the proper knowledge and techniques on how to perform its step-by-step process.

This course will provide you with an understanding of all the tools that you will need and how to use them properly, as well as how to perform a pedicure with ease and professionalism. By the end of the course, you will be able to perform an exceptional, VIP level e-file pedicure so that your service will be particularly memorable by your clients, making them want to get their pedicures done only by you every time!

New PODOdiscs by STALEKS will be an effective and helpful tool that will gently treat and polish your client’s feet until they feel silky smooth.

📍Course location: We have created a NEW, MODERN and MORE CONVENIENT format to conduct this course. Video lessons and educational posts will be uploaded to a dedicated Instagram account specifically for this course.
Access to this page will be given to the registered students.

You will have 2 options how to participate:

1️⃣PACKAGE 1: "ON MY OWN" includes:
✅1 month access to the course
✅1 Live Webinar where you can ask you questions.

✅1 month access to the course
✅homework submission and feedback
✅1 Live Group Webinar where you can ask your questions and share experience
✅1 Beginner Kit with pedicure discs and abrasives (will be shipped to you)
✅1 Printed Student Manual (will be shipped to you)



You have an option to purchase  access to the course for 1 extra month. Can be purchased at any time.

By Katerina Abourched, Certified Staleks Instructor

1. Intro
2. Nail professional’s protection: how to dress and protect yourself properly
3. E-file pedicure equipment
4. How to properly choose your equipment if you don’t have it yet (i.e. furniture, light, chair, technician’s chair, e-file, vacuum)
5. How to organize your work space properly
6. How i organized my pedicure room and what I use (video)
7. PODOdiscs Staleks
8. Speed: which speed each disc runs at, what each disc is for, etc.
9. Replaceable discs abrasives
10. Proper Selection of the refill pads abrasive
11. How to properly place a refill pad on the disk and remove it
12. Step-by-step foot treatment with PODOdisc: theory and practice
13. How to treat cracked skin with Pododiscs
14. Old Gel polish removal with Pododiscs and nail plate thinning
15. Choosing the right bits and tools for working with cuticle zone: which ones you will need for clean result
16. Nail shaping in pedicures: how to file the shape properly to avoid ingrown nails and proper pedicure nail length
17. Cuticle treatment. Two techniques on how to work with cuticle (Theory and practice).
18. Choosing the right bits and tools for working with
19. How to fix broken toenails: which products to you
20. Gel polish application: nail plate preparation, how to polish close to the cuticle (my own tips)
21. After polishing: Foot polishing process. How-to, tools and products
22. Common mistakes with PODODISCS and polishing process

Additional TOPICS
23. Additional info: Types of cuticle removers
24. Cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection of all pedicure tools
25. Aftercare recommendations to clients
26. How many discs and which sizes do I need to purchase if I'm a beginner


All online courses are non-refundable, after the access to the course was provided/ kit mailed.