Replaceable Abrasives


60-80 grit. Such nail files are extremely coarse, they are used to adjust the length of artificial
nails. Never treat natural nails with files of this type because failure to do so will result in nail

100-150 grit. Intended for shaping artificial nails.

150-240 grit. Medium coarseness, used for final filing and shaping artificial nails. It's
recommended not to use it with natural nails to avoid causing damage to nail plates.

240 grit. Nail files with such level of abrasiveness are suitable for all types of natural nails.

240-400 grit. Delicate file like this is suitable for final shaping stage for both natural and artificial nails.

400-900 grit. Even softer nail file used to prepare nails for the polishing process. Suitable for both artificial and natural nails.

900-1200 grit. Files and buffs of such coarseness are used for mirror finishing natural and artificial nails.