A to Z INSTAGRAM for a NAIL TECH - 3 hour workshop

A to Z INSTAGRAM for a NAIL TECH - 3 hour workshop

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To be honest,  Instagram is my favorite platform and it is the best for a nail business. At some point I got so involved in Instagram that I ended up in marketing school😂

 Now I have my own marketing team, designers, target specialist, but before all that I used to do all these by MYSELF.

Since INSTAGRAM is a very important platform to grow our business let's look into this topic closely. I have prepared for you checklists and work book to cover your needs, without a team.

In this workshop:

✅Instagram name, profile. BIO. 

  • Attract attention
  • Define your style: branding, colors, your character
  • Content. What should you write about?
  • Stories
  • Reels

✅Your audience.

  • Create an avatar of your client
  • How to attract the right audience
  • Engage your audience
  • Targeted audience.Free and paid methods
  • Client’s psychology - what do they want to see on your profile

✅Paid  ADSin instagram!

  • How to create an ad
  • Creatives that catches attention 
  • How to set up a budget 

✅Nail PHOTOS - content

  • How to take pictures and where
  • What tools to use, how to prepare clients hands for a picture
  • Hand poses, proper angles for professional look
  • Apps that helps with editing, most useful tools

✅How to manage your social media if you are a working nail tech. 

  • How to plan your feed
  • Software that helps planning
  • Content plan. My examples


#1 -  checklist with all useful apps & tools

#2 - content plan for 1 month - spreadsheet

#3 - checklist “ Bullet points for successful Instagram account”

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