ROUNDED CYLINDER Bit (red) 5.0 mm

ROUNDED CYLINDER Bit (red) 5.0 mm

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ROUNDER CYLINDER Bit (red) 5.0 mm (fine abrasive)


  • It is used for cuticle removing, as well as the "ball" bit
  • For lateral nail folds "opening"
  • For dead skin elimination
  • Fine grit - red
  • Stainless steel

Available at 3  abrasive type

red- the softest

blue - medium abrasive 

green - rough abrasive 


Please Note: E-file Drill Bits are serious tools, as any other sharp manicure tools and can cause harm and damage if used incorrectly.All the Drill Bits and Manicure /Pedicure tools that are being sold on this website are made for professional nail technicians that know how to use them and were professionally trained.By purchasing Nail Drill Bits you assume full responsibility about the possible damage that they might cause.