Online Course: Combi MANICURE A to Z. SPEED UP!

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This ONLINE COURSE is made for Nail Techs who are new to the profession or who are experienced and looking to perfect their technique and make their process of manicure more efficient, clean and safe.

In this ONLINE COURSE you will find:
šŸ“ŒA 3-hour theory block of detailed step-by-step information with schematic drawings Ā and video examples
šŸ“ŒDemonstration of full manicure process on a model
šŸ“Œas a BONUS - lifetime access to this Online Course
šŸ“ŒStudent manual with schematic drawings and printable step-by-step descriptionsĀ 
šŸ“Œ ā€œPost courseā€ support for students, including a 30-minute ZoomĀ consultation.

BONUS: you will receive a DISCOUNT CODE to our online store where you can buy E-file bits and manicure tools

Why do you need this course and what you will receive:
āœ…Step-by-step work techniques
āœ…Drawings and Ā illustrations that will help you to make your every day work more efficientĀ 
āœ…Full understanding of the manicure process that will help you not to waste time on unnecessary steps
āœ…Clear understanding of nail prep and cuticle prep
āœ… All about aligning - how to do it and when it is needed
āœ… Tips and tricksĀ on how to prepare the cuticle for polishing
āœ… How to prevent gel lifting
āœ… Understanding all the most common mistakes that Nail Techs make and how to avoid them
āœ… How to prevent gel running on the skin and how to clean it up if it happens
....andĀ much more!


- nail composition
- types of skin
- bits and tools overview
- proper tools that are needed
- types of bits for old product removal
- types of bits for manicure
- common mistakes

2.OLD PRODUCT REMOVAL (7 min max -10 nails)
- removal process / hand position
- proper pressure / angle / RPMs
- products removal scheme
- what slows you down in removal process
- what are the common mistakes
- when to remove to 0 and when it's acceptable to leave the product on
- fears

- different shapes and illustrations how to file them
- filing technique (illustration)
- common mistakes in filing and shaping
- nail grooves, side walls, free edge
-Ā tips and tricks on how to work with more speed, accuracy and precision

- understanding the Combi Manicure Techniques
- step-by-step of the CM process
- bits for cuticle, difference in shapes, sizes and colors
- types of cuticle
- flame bit usage technique
- nippers or scissors
- types of shears
- how to prepare cuticle for trimming
- how to work with each tool for vertical and horizontal shear
- how to lift up a "cuticle skirt"
- how to hold the tools
- common mistakes when working with electric file
- common mistakes in using cutting tools
- how not to over file the nail
- damaged nail plate cases: how to prevent damaging and protect your client.

- when it is needed
- what is strengthening and aligning
- different natural nail shapes
- step-by-step technique (with illustrations)
- light reflection diagram
- schematic view of alignment process
- products needed for NP strengthening
- how to strengthen 10 nails in 10 min max
- how to avoid bumps and unevenness
- how to strengthen and still keep the beautiful and dainty look of the nail
- most common mistakes

- main rules of polishing
- schematic illustration of polishing process
- how to polish close to the cuticle
- how to prevent gel running on the cuticle
- what do to if the gel ran on the cuticle and cured

Customer Reviews

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Great course

The course is easy to follow and understand the steps. Iā€™m really happy with the results I got from watching it.
I recommend this course 100% to anyone who is interested to learn this technique!


I have more confidence in doing combi manicure after completing this course